The size of your company makes no difference, the best way to track activity is by software. Even as little as 5 years ago, cloud software was a fairly new concept. Now being mobile is a normal part of doing business. The ability to connect to online banking and other apps makes cloud software an easy choice for many companies, including the large corporations. But, you do not need to be a large company to get the right solution for your accounting and business needs. See the reviews of the cloud software we use and let us help you get the right combination customized for your business.

  • Everything The BOLT Firm does:
    • Lowers transaction costs,
    • Is compliant through system-enforced checks and balances (crucial for accounting transactions),
    • Automates repetitive processes, and
    • Eliminates manual data entry (keeping the integrity of your data from being compromised)

The accounting services of The BOLT Firm give you the option of:

  • Processing your bookkeeping (in coordination with your CPA – there should always be a second pair of eyes on the money to keep everyone honest),
    • System-enforced compliance
    • Includes the subscription fee for the software,
  • Getting you out of Quickbooks and into the best software option for your business,
    • Includes
      • Data migration,
      • Unlocking the advanced functions in your software to automate as much as possible
      • Training you and/or your employees on the best processes for easy auditing of your books (your bill from the CPA is minimal because they love reviewing your accounting) so you can process your books in-house.
  • Analyze your current processes and software
    • Help you get repeated processes under control and easily managed.
      • i.e. submitting customer invoices to portals for payment
    • Unlock the advanced functions of your software to automate as much as possible,
      • Work flows,
      • Import/Export,
      • Approval Processes,
      • Dashboards/Reports, and
      • Integration between systems.

Accounting Software

Regardless of what line of work you are in, keeping track of the money coming in and going out is an essential part of doing business. Whether you have a need to account for every penny at least daily or a “shoeboxer” that holds everything that you remember to set aside for your accountant to calculate your taxes, you cannot get away from the necessity. There is a software package that is right for you.

CRM & Other Software

One of the best things about customer relationship management software is the applications it has across many functions in a business. Many companies that have started along the CRM path have found it is just as easy to build an inventory management, or project management module. The CRM software mentioned on this site have become part of a platform that has many uses and extensions/apps that can connect for customized usability.